MOBI seminar



13 december, 2018 - 13:30
Bouche à Oreille
Félix Hapstraat 11, 1040 Brussels
Pitches: How can research help in the transition towards sustainable mobility?
• Jan Vliegen, Umicore
• Ali Mohammadi, Toyota
• André Céron, Colruyt Group
• Hinde Boulbayem, SUMY Belgium
• Jochen De Smet, AVERE
• Filip Boelaert, Department of Mobility and Public Works
• Tim Cassiers, BRAL
• Jean-Rodolphe Dussart, Bruxelles Mobilité


MOBI Seminar 2018

How do we attain sustainable mobility? Which choices do we make and where do we put our focus? Do we put all efforts on technological advances or should policy steer us towards a sustainable mobility system? Or is it up to the people to change their own behaviour?

This year's MOBI seminar "Towards sustainable mobility: Technology, policy or behavioural approaches' tackles just those questions. We will present our most recent research to the public during three parallel sessions themed around: sustainable vehicle technology, policy and behaviour. 

This year's keynote speech "Transitioning to a sustainable future" will be held by Jan Rotmans. We've also invited people from outside the academic world to answer a crucial question: How can (academic) research help in the transition to sustainable mobility?